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course descriptions

Maximum 8 per class.


Academic Preparation Classes


Academic Core Reading & Writing Class 2 Periods Daily

Level: Beginner-Advanced
Prepare to enter University or College classes. Develop academic reading skills to become a more confident reader. Learn writing strategies to be able to communicate ideas more clearly in writing for academic purposes. These skills are critical to success in TOEFL and IELTS.

Academic and Test Preparation Electives

Each of these classes is 1 50-minute period

TOEFL iBT Preparation Classes

Level: Advanced (S&L and R&W Levels 4 and up)
Reading Writing and Listening Focus and/or Speaking Focus
This class is designed for students who need a higher TOEFL score for the TOEFL Next Generation iBT.. *

IELTS Preparation Class

Reading, Writing, Listening & Speaking
Level: Advanced (S&L and R&W Levels 4 and up)
Increase your IELTS score. Learn reading and listening strategies and improve your writing with new vocabulary, language, and organization. Students are required to buy the books for this class.

TOEIC Preparation Class

Level: Intermediate-Advanced (S&L and R &W Levels 3 and up) Increase your TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) score. Focus on listening and reading strategies for questions centered on pictures, and listening prompts. *

Beginning & Intermediate Reading and Writing

Level: Low Intermediate
Using the series True Stories in the News beginning and intermediate readers get extra practice in their reading and vocabulary skills.

Discussing the News (Speaking or Academic Elective)

Level: Intermediate-Advanced
Read a news magazine and discuss and debate current issues from news, social, and cultural topics. Improve high level vocabulary and speaking skills.

Discussing Values and Philosophies (Speaking or Academic Elective)

Level: Intermediate-Advanced
Listen to famous and not so famous individuals share their personal philosophies and core values that guide their daily lives. Be challenged to explore, discuss, and write about the essays in the text. Improve high level vocabulary, writing and speaking skills.

College 101 or Grad School 101

Learn about how the American College, University and Graduate School system works through readings, University and College campus visits, presentations by admissions staff. Prepare a plan and a schedule for entering the next stage of your education.

* Students are required to buy the books for this class.


Maximum 8 per class.

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academic elective class


Improve your reading, writing and TOEFL skills quickly in our small group Elective classes.

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