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Directions for applying:

1. Fill out the online application below and hit "Submit."


2. Click here for a printable application "Paper Application".
Fill out the application. Send it by fax to (206) 720-1806 or by mail to:
ALPS Language School, 430 Broadway East, Seattle, WA 98102 USA.

Part 1 of 3: Personal Information

Name as it appears on your passport (in English letters)

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*You must be 18 years of age before your first day of class*

Home Country Mailing Address

Mailing Address in the U.S.A. (If Known)

If the student has an emergency, whom can we call?

U.S.A Address Home Country Address

Yes No
ALPS works with multiple homestay agencies. Contact us for further information, or see our Housing page

F-1 Student B-2 Tourist Visitor Stamp

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Medical Insurance

$140/4-week session.

I will pay for the medical insurance offered through the school.
I am a government sponsored scholarship student (SACM, CBIE, etc) and I have government sponsored medical insurance.
I am not on an F-1 Visa and am not required to have medical insurance.

How did you hear about ALPS? (friend, magazine ad, etc.)

Part 2 of 3: Course Information

*Which course will you attend? All courses & prices are for 4 weeks

Full-time Courses and Pricing

Part-time Courses and Pricing (Not for F-1 student visa)

*All prices subject to change without notice.

*Which session will you begin?


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Click here for our cancellation and refund policy in PDF format.

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I hereby apply for admission to ALPS Language School. I certify the statements I have made on this online application are correct and complete. Further, I have read and understood the cancellation and refund policy and I agree to make payment of all due amounts.

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