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living in seattle

Beautiful Seattle

Why will you love Seattle?

7 Reasons to Choose Seattle

  1. Big City Atmosphere
    Seattle is famous for street cafés, innovative music, lively night life and national sports teams:
    Seattle Mariners (Major League Baseball)
    Seattle Seahawks (NFL Football)
    Seattle Opera
    Seattle Symphony
    Excellent Museums
  2. Small Town Safety and Friendliness
    The number one reason that many students choose to study in Seattle is our city's reputation for safety and friendliness.
  3. Great Climate
    Seattle is a northern city like New York and Chicago, but we are near the ocean so winters are warmer (it rarely snows in the city). Summers are more comfortable (not too hot and not too humid).
    Annual average:
    3 days over 32ºC,
    32 days under 0ºC

    Does it rain? Yes, but less than in New York.

  4. Amazing Natural Beauty, Clean City Environment
    Seattle is close to the mountains and near the sea. Green trees and blue lakes are everywhere. Students can ski, hike, go boating, go to the beach and enjoy many other outdoor activities in Seattle and the nearby areas.
  5. Excellent Colleges and Universities
    Are you studying English to enter a college, university or to get an MBA or another advanced degree in the U.S.? The Seattle area is home to many excellent academic institutions.
  6. Convenient Public Transportation
    Choose a city where you can travel around freely and safely. Seattle's public transportation is one of the top rated in the nation.
  7. It's the only city where you can find ALPS Language School
    There are many reasons to come to Seattle, but the best one may be our school. Our unique system of teaching English brings students from many different countries.

School Location

Choose a school with a central city location!

ALPS' location is perfect for the international student. ALPS is a 20-minute walk from downtown Seattle and is located on Capitol Hill's lively main street, Broadway. On Broadway you can find Seattle University and Seattle Central Community College. Broadway is a bright and exciting place lined with cafés, restaurants, theaters, cinemas and upscale shops. You will always find interesting activities close to school.

ALPS Facilities

ALPS is dedicated to remaining a small school to provide individual attention to each student. We have the facilities to help you learn English. Our modern air-conditioned/heated premises provide an excellent environment for learning.

Our facilities include:

  • Bright classrooms
  • Lounge/library/information center
  • Listening Lab and audio-visual equipment
  • Computer lab with student e-mail

Close to our school students have:

  • Exercise clubs
  • Travel Agency
  • Public Library
  • Post Office

Students use these at their own cost.

Broadway Map

Broadway has a university atmosphere, is close to the city center and has safe residential neighborhoods.

Web sites about Seattle and Washington State

For more information try these Web sites

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where is Seattle

Live in Seattle and immerse yourself in English.
You can easily visit California, New York, or Florida.

Where is Seattle

Where is Seattle?
Seattle is the largest city in the Pacific Northwest region of North America. The city is situated on the Puget Sound, an inlet of the Pacific Ocean, about 100 miles south of the Canadian-U.S. Border, and is the fastest growing major U.S. City.

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