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How to Apply

Please apply as early as possible.

You must be at least 18 years old to begin classes at ALPS.


1. Submit the online application form or complete and submit a paper application form.

2. If you need housing, submit the online homestay application or print the homestay application.

3. Pay your application fee for the school. If you need a homestay or express mail, the homestay application fee and express mail should also be paid. You may pay online with PayPal via our website.

4. For F-1 Student Visa Holders only: Email a scanned copy or mail or fax:

   a. Financial documentation/bank letter. (A scanned copy is allowable.) See Visa
   Information page for more information.

   b. A copy of your passport information page.

   ALPS Language School      FAX: (206) 720-1806    
   430 Broadway East
   Seattle, Washington

5. Express delivery is available for an extra fee. Contact: Info@EnglishInTheUSA.com


If you received this information from an agent in your country, contact that agent for more information.

Transferring to ALPS from another school in the US?

If you hold an F-1 student visa and you are planning to transfer from another school, submit your application as outlined above.  You will receive your acceptance letter from ALPS, and you will fill out a Transfer F-1 Status Verification Form.  Submit these two documents to your current school’s adviser who will transfer your I-20 SEVIS record to ALPS.

When should you pay?

Pay only your application fees with your application. Tuition and fees for new students are due in full on the first Monday of the session. Homestay application fees are due with your homestay application. Your monthly homestay fee is due on the day you arrive. Pay your host directly. If express delivery is necessary, you are responsible for the extra charges.

After you apply:

  • When we have processed your application we will contact you and your admissions documents will be sent to you.
    • If you have an F-1 student visa and you apply from outside the U.S. your I-20 will be included with your admissions documents.
    • If you have an F-1 student visa and you are transferring from another school in the U.S. and you will not be leaving the country between schools your I-20 will be given to you after you begin classes.
  • Get the appropriate visa. Most students have an F-1 student visa. Contact the Director of Admissions if you have questions.
  • Arrange travel to the United States and arrive in Seattle at least three days before your classes begin.
  • Health insurance is required for full-time students. Student health insurance can be purchased through ALPS.

You must be at least 18 years old to begin classes at ALPS.

Application or Visa Questions? Ask Us! We are here to help!
phone: (206) 720-6363    e-mail:

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We are here to help. Apply now to secure your place.

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