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living in seattle

Housing and Airport Pickup Service

An independent homestay organization arranges homestays for ALPS students. This is a different organization from ALPS. They arrange a homestay with an American host. Though some students choose to find an apartment to live in, most students prefer living with Americans in a homestay because it is a gateway to America which lets them experience American culture and practice their English as much as possible in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

homestay house and family

A host family is waiting to
welcome you into their home.

The homestay hosts are carefully chosen for friendliness, hospitality, and responsibility. As much as possible, students are placed with hosts who have similar interests.

In a homestay, an American host provides the student with a private room and meals for a monthly fee. The student is encouraged to take part in household activities. The student may live in a house or an apartment. Some students prefer to live with a married couple or a family, while others prefer to share a home with single Americans. Because of the wide range of homestay hosts, students can share in traditional American family life or lead a more independent lifestyle with single Americans of approximately the same age. Both the host and student benefit from the cultural exchange. Students who use this service pay a one-time placement fee and a monthly fee for a room and meals.

Homestay Cost

Homestay Application

A housing coordinator waits for the student's airplane...

airport arrival sign

...to greet and transport the students to a homestay.

airport arrival sign

Some students live with young Americans in shared houses and apartments.

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