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ALPS offers two TOEFL specific classes, designed for both students who have never taken the TOEFL test before, those who have taken the test before and want to work on specific skills to achieve a desired score on the TOEFL test.

Both classes are 2-hour classes, and are highly interactive, using collaborative activities, sample questions with explanations, and peer and instructor feedback. You will have access to real test materials from past tests, and get personalized, targeted practice in the areas you need it most. To keep you on track your instructor will provide ongoing feedback and one-on-one consulting on your strengths and weaknesses based on the result of TOEFL practice tests. This allows you to work on your weak skills through practice in order to achieve your TOEFL target score. In addition to TOEFL ALPS offers a diverse selection of classes to not only improve your English skills, butalso enjoy your learning experience! Students are free to combine this class with any of our other classes to create a personalized package as long as it complies with visa requirements.


2 hours daily

The Intro to TOEFL Intensive Test Preparation class is designed for students who are aiming to achieve or improve a TOEFL score which will allow them to attend universities and colleges in the United States or Canada. This class prepares you for all four TOEFL skills: reading, listening, writing, and speaking. Your instructor will give equal focus to all four skills each 4-week session, improving your academic English skills and test-taking techniques. You will benefit from a systematic approach to each skill plus individual attention to your problem areas.
What you'll learn:

  • The format of the TOEFL test, scoring and rubrics
  • How to effectively navigate the 4-sections of the test including strategies & time management tips
  • How to diagnose your own strengths and weaknesses
  • Helpful tips to prepare you for the TOEFL test: useful vocabulary, sentence structure, grammar
  • Strategies that are applicable to the test and transferable to other classes


2 hours daily

Take the TOEFL Express Intensive Test Preparation class if you are already familiar with the TOEFL iBT, but have a specific skill or skills you need to improve to achieve your desired TOEFL score. This class lets you prepare for all four TOEFL skills: reading, listening, writing, and speaking. You will receive focused, guided practice from an expert in the areas identified for improvement and advance your overall test-taking techniques and English language ability in one or more 4-week sessions.
What you'll do:

  • Learn how the TOEFL test is scored in each section, and how to diagnose your own strengths and weaknesses
  • Discover exactly why you received the TOEFL score you did, and explicitly what to do to improve it
  • Improve vocabulary – sentence starters and grammatical structure for specific skills, types of questions, and essay styles
  • Develop focused strategies that go beyond the basics and are tailored to your individual needs

Admission Requirements

Both classes require a score of Level 4 or higher on the ALPS Speaking & Listening and Reading & Writing placement tests.
Intro to TOEFL is recommended for students who have never taken the TOEFL iBT before, have taken the TOEFL before but want to improve all 4 skills, or want to learn time management strategies. TOEFL Express is recommended for students who have taken the TOEFL iBT before, and are seeking to improve specific skills to achieve their desired TOEFL score.


  • 3-8 students in a group class [3 students minimum]
  • Price includes tuition fees only (additional fees apply for books and technology usage)
  • 3 session curriculum

Contact info@EnglishInTheUSA.com for additional information and Session start dates.

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