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Visa Information

In most cases, full-time students need an F-1 student visa. If you are holding another kind of visa in your passport but you want to study English, remember that study should not be the main purpose of your visit. Study should be incidental to the purpose of your stay. If you are a tourist, for example, the main purpose of your stay is tourism but a part-time course would be appropriate. If you are in the U.S. on a business visa, you might study private lessons or another part-time course. If you have questions contact the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate in your country or contact our .

Visa Information for Students with F-1 Visas


Financial Documentation/Bank Letter.

Get this document from your bank or your parents' or sponsor's bank. This must be a letter from the bank, on paper which has the name of bank printed on it, showing that there is enough money available for your tuition and living expenses. You should get two copies of it (one copy for ALPS and one for US Consulate or Embassy). The ALPS copy should be scanned and emailed. Students applying for the Intensive English Program must show $2,500 USD per 4-week session, or $30,000 USD per year.

Send the following to ALPS:

  • signed ALPS application
  • $100 nonrefundable application fee
  • your financial documentation/bank letter.

When you are accepted, an I-20 and a letter of acceptance will be sent to you. Pay the SEVIS fee online or by mail and setup an interview for a Student Visa (F-1) at the nearest US Embassy or US Consulate.

Bring the following with you to the interview:

  • I-20 and Letter of Acceptance from ALPS Language School
  • SEVIS Fee receipt
  • Financial Statement from your bank
  • Passport
  • Any other documents necessary to get a visa in your country (Contact the US Embassy or Consulate to find out what other documents you need to bring to the interview) usembassy.state.gov

When you have your passport, F-1 visa, I-20 and financial documentation, you are ready for entry to the U.S.


Send or bring the following to ALPS:

  • signed ALPS application
  • $100 nonrefundable application fee
  • Financial documentation/bank letter (see above for details).

You may use the bank letter or a copy of it from your previous school, but it must be less than 6 months old. Your new I-20 from ALPS will be issued when you begin classes.

After you receive your acceptance letter from ALPS, give the acceptance letter and the School Transfer/F-1 Status Verification Form to the student advisor at your current school.

We are here to help you and answer your questions.

Call (206) 720-6363, e-mail or come to our office.

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